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Micellar complex "SILVER POWER" 400 ml

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The micellar complex from Atis professional is based on lavender hydrolate.

The composition also includes: glycerin, micelles, silver.

Lavender hydrolate has an optimal pH level. It is a strong antiseptic and bactericidal agent. Heals wounds, accelerates the resorption of scars. Regenerates damaged, thinned, inflamed, irritated skin. It is used to relieve itching, soothe the skin after burns (including sunburn), insect bites, etc. It is used for various skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, etc.). An excellent tool for caring for children's skin, even for newborns.

Glycerin has the ability to attract and retain water. It helps to create a protective barrier that prevents dust and microorganisms from penetrating into the upper layers of the skin. It has emollient properties and does not cause allergies. Glycerin is also produced by the cells of the body themselves and participates in the circulation of water.

Micelles (from the Latin mica — "particle", "grain") are microscopic compounds that, like a magnet, attract impurities and easily remove them.

Micelles also fight against the smallest particles of fat - attract them, and then concentrate, quickly bind, split and remove from the surface of the skin particles of fat, dirt and particles of dead skin.

Coral Weed Red Algae extract is an extract obtained from red algae, which is also coral. Its unique property is the mineralization of the skin with calcium, which it contains in a high amount and bioavailable form.

The micellar complex contains 35 mg of silver per liter of purified water. Silver ions in contact with microbes and viruses, destroy them from the inside, destroying them. Therefore, the silver liquid has bactericidal properties. Silver water is useful, first of all, not as a medicine, but as a disinfectant. And of course, silver is used as a means for healing wounds and burns.

All these components work to cleanse, disinfect, moisturize and accelerate the regeneration of the skin. Also, thanks to their combination, we get a light keratolic effect, which helps us in working in pedicure and manicure with abrasive elements!

Recommended for use:

- pedicure

- manicure

- spa care

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