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About the company

TM ATIS has been operating since 2017, adhering to the highest standards. During this time, a significant knowledge base has been formed, and we, as manufacturers of NAIL tools, continue to improve our working methods on a daily basis. ATIS supplies many local and international companies with a wide range of innovative products created in exact accordance with the technological process.

Today, TM ATIS is one of the industry leaders. This high result was achieved due to non-standard, catchy ideas and creative solutions to the tasks set.

A little bit about the numbers:

- in 2020, Artem Plotnikov developed and patented the world's only safe pedicure disc

- more than 100,000 manicure basics and changeable files delight the masters

- they save money with us and raise the check for X10

- 150 instructors are trained according to the Author's ATIS techniques

- in 2021, we tore up the templates and developed the STYLUS magic wand. Atraumatic manicure without a cutting tool in 15 minutes!

In the assortment of the company "ATIS PROSESSIONAL" you will find exactly the products that you need, and of the highest quality and at a fair price. Over the years of our presence on the market, we have accumulated extensive experience that helps us to serve customers carefully and efficiently, taking care that they like everything. By contacting us, you can always count on high quality products and first-class service at all stages of interaction, regardless of whether you are buying a large batch of goods or just one product.