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Manicure Styles *30

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Manicure Stylus’30

Stylus is an ideal replacement for an orange stick, as well as an alternative tool for Manicure and pedicure.

In combination with special replaceable abrasive files, the Stylus becomes an independent tool that can atraumatically and quickly remove the cuticle without a device and cutters.
Index 23, 30, 40 is the angle of the beveled side.
Made in 2 sizes tool 150 mm and 100 mm

Manicure Stylus 30 , has an average angle and is great for removing cuticles and stripping side rollers when performing pedicures and manicures The instrument is made of High-quality Medical Steel AISI 316L

Method of application:

The beveled surface of the Stulys pushes back the cuticle , as well as an orange stick . On a fat-free surface (use only an alcohol degreaser), fix the internal removable file of the desired thickness (depending on the type of cuticle) and clean the pterygium. Then fix the external file and lift the cuticle WITHOUT PRESSING, cut the cuticle in circular movements WITHOUT PRESSING!Techniques can be combined. For a better result, polishing with Juvipod d10 + ultra-soft buff+amaranth cuticle oil is recommended

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Длинна изделия100 мм

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Category: Stylus *30
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