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Glass 2 (25 pcs/1 sheet)

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What are films?

Films are a safe alternative to gel lacquer coating. And incredible designs help out the masters, because now you don't need to waste time on drawing!

How to apply?
1) Prepare the nail plate
- sand the buff
- degrease the surface
2) Select the required film size and remove it from the substrate
3) Apply the film to the nail under the cuticle, smoothing the folds over the entire surface
4) Remove excess film at the tips by moving the file in one direction
5) Fix the base and cover with a top 2 times, sealing the end

*for convenience, first remove the white film from the top of the sheet (take it off carefully so that the designs do not come off with it)
* is there not enough length? The films stretch perfectly
* can be used for onycholysis

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